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Mystical Space Typhoon - SDWS-EN023 - Common - 1st Edition

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Passcode: 05318639
Set: Structure Deck: Warrior's Strike
Card Number: SDWS-EN023
Monster Type:
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Spell
Card Text: Destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field.
Card Type: Quick-Play Spell
Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. [Re: 7] If your 3rd '7' is activated, but destroyed by 'Mystical Space Typhoon' in a chain, you can't activate its effect, but you still gain 700 Life Points for its Graveyard effect. [Re: A Cat of Ill Omen] If 'Mystical Space Typhoon' is chained to the effect to destroy 'Necrovalley', so that 'Necrovalley' is not on the field when this effect resolves, you cannot place the card in your hand. [Re: A Rival Appears!] For the effect of 'A Rival Appears!', refer to the levels of the monster on the field and the monster in the hand at the time 'A Rival Appears!' resolves (for purposes of 'Cost Down', 'Level Conversion Lab', 'Mystical Space Typhoon' in a chain destroying 'Demotion', etc.) [Re: An Owl of Luck] If 'Mystical Space Typhoon' is chained to the effect to destroy 'Necrovalley', so that 'Necrovalley' is not on the field when this effect resolves, you cannot place the card in your hand. [Re: Archlord Zerato] If you chain 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to 'Archlord Zerato''s effect and destroy 'The Sanctuary in the Sky', 'Archlord Zerato''s effect disappears because 'Archlord Zerato''s effect needs 'The Sanctuary in the Sky' on the field when the effect resolves, not just when it activates (just like 'The Agent of Judgment - Saturn'). [Re: Bad Reaction to Simochi] If the opponent activates 'Dian Keto the Cure Master', you can chain this card and the opponent will take 1000 points of damage instead of gaining Life Points. If the opponent chains 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to your 'Bad Reaction to Simochi', they will gain the 1000 Life Points. [Re: Bait Doll] If the target of 'Bait Doll' is no longer on the field (if it was sent to the Graveyard with 'Emergency Provisions', or destroyed by 'Mystical Space Typhoon', as a chain to the activation of 'Bait Doll'), then 'Bait Doll' is still shuffled back into the Deck. As long as the activation and effect of 'Bait Doll' are not negated, the effect of 'Bait Doll' that shuffles it back into the Deck still resolves. [Re: Big Bang Shot] The effect of 'Big Bang Shot' that removes the equipped monster from play can be resolved between steps of a chain. For example, if 'Change of Heart' targets a monster equipped with 'Big Bang Shot', and 'Mystical Space Typhoon' is chained to 'Change of Heart' to destroy 'Big Bang Shot', first resolve 'Mystical Space Typhoon' and destroy 'Big Bang Shot', then remove the monster that was equipped from play, and THEN resolve 'Change of Heart' (and the effect of 'Change of Heart' disappears). [Re: Blast with Chain] If your opponent activates 'Mystical Space Typhoon' targeting your face-down 'Blast with Chain', and you chain 'Blast with Chain', you still get 'Blast with Chain's' effect. [Re: Butterfly Dagger - Elma] Missing the Timing: Because the effect of 'Butterfly Dagger - Elma' is an optional 'when... you can' Trigger Effect, 'Butterfly Dagger - Elma' being sent to the Graveyard has to be the very last thing that happened in order for you to activate its effect. So if it is destroyed in the middle of a chain, you cannot return it to your hand. Example: If the turn player activates 'Pot of Greed', and the opponent chains 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to destroy 'Butterfly Dagger - Elma' during the chain, it cannot return to the owner's hand. [Re: Butterfly Dagger - Elma] When you activate 'Butterfly Dagger - Elma' and your opponent chains 'Mystical Space Typhoon', it cannot return to your hand. [Re: Cocoon of Evolution] If 'Cocoon of Evolution' is Summoned or Set it is treated as a monster, if played as an Equip Spell Card it is treated as an Equip Spell Card as long as it remains on the field and could be destroyed with 'Mystical Space Typhoon'.Once on the field it cannot be switched from monster to Spell Card or vice versa.'Cocoon of Evolution' is NOT a Union Monster. [Re: Curse of Darkness] Even if your opponent targets your face-up 'Curse of Darkness' with 'Mystical Space Typhoon', he/she takes 1000 damage before 'Mystical Space Typhoon' resolves and destroys 'Curse of Darkness'. [Re: Curse of Royal] You can use Curse of Royal against cards like 'Magic Jammer', 'Seven Tools of the Bandit', 'Solemn Judgment', 'Curse of Royal', 'Mystical Space Typhoon', 'Dust Tornado', 'Magic Drain', 'Riryoku Field', 'Judgment of Anubis', etc. [Re: Ectoplasmer] You can chain 'Mystical Space Typhoon' or 'Raigeki Break' to 'Ectoplasmer''s effect, and if there is no 'Ectoplasmer' on the field, then its effect is not applied. [Re: Embodiment of Apophis] While 'Embodiment of Apophis' is a monster, it is still treated as a Trap Card and can be destroyed by 'Heavy Storm' or 'Mystical Space Typhoon'. [Re: Embodiment of Apophis] If an effect that destroys Trap Cards is used against 'Embodiment of Apophis', you can use 'Fake Trap' to prevent it from being destroyed. When preventing the destruction of 'Embodiment of Apophis', you must be using a card of the appropriate type. You cannot use 'My Body as a Shield' to rescue it from 'Heavy Storm'. You cannot use 'Fake Trap' to rescue it from 'Raigeki'. You can use 'Riryoku Field' when 'Embodiment of Apophis' is targeted by 'Snatch Steal', but not when it's targeted by 'Mystical Space Typhoon'. You can use any of these effects to protect 'Embodiment of Apophis' from 'Raigeki Break' because 'Raigeki Break' can destroy a Monster card or a Trap Card. [Re: Embodiment of Apophis] If 'Non-Spellcasting Area' is active, 'Embodiment of Apophis' cannot be destroyed by 'Raigeki', etc., but can still be destroyed by 'Heavy Storm' or 'Mystical Space Typhoon'. [Re: Fiend's Hand Mirror] Since 'Mystical Space Typhoon' cannot destroy itself, when you chain 'Fiend's Hand Mirror' to your opponent's 'Mystical Space Typhoon', you cannot re-direct the 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to target itself. But you can re-direct it to target and destroy 'Fiend's Hand Mirror'. [Re: Fiend's Hand Mirror] When your opponent activates 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to destroy his/her 'Mirage of Nightmare', you can chain 'Fiend's Hand Mirror' and have 'Mystical Space Typhoon' destroy 'Fiend's Hand Mirror' instead. [Re: Fusion Sword Murasame Blade] This card is not destroyed by cards that target, like 'Mystical Space Typhoon' or 'Dust Tornado', or by cards that do not target, like 'Heavy Storm', 'Harpie's Feather Duster', or 'Gryphon Wing'. [Re: Fusion Sword Murasame Blade] If the opponent chains 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to the activation of this card, this card is destroyed before its effect can be applied. [Re: Gearfried the Swordmaster] The Equip Card must be successfully equipped to 'Gearfried the Swordmaster' to activate his effect. For example, if 'Mystical Space Typhoon' is chained to the activation of an Equip Card, it is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard before resolving, so the effect of 'Gearfried the Swordmaster' does not activate. [Re: Giant Kozaky] If 'Giant Kozaky' is equipped to 'Relinquished' and is destroyed by 'Mystical Space Typhoon' or the effect of 'Relinquished', the effect of 'Giant Kozaky' will inflict damage to the controller. [Re: Gravekeeper's Assailant] If 'Necrovalley' is on the field, an attack is declared with 'Gravekeeper's Assailant', and the effect of 'Gravekeeper's Assailant' is activated, and 'Mystical Space Typhoon' is chained to the effect to destroy 'Necrovalley', the effect of 'Gravekeeper's Assailant' is still applied because 'Necrovalley' only had to be on the field to activate the effect. [Re: Imperial Order] When 'Imperial Order' is activated, 'Mystical Space Typhoon' can be chained to destroy it. [Re: Judgment of Anubis] You can activate 'Judgment of Anubis' and select a Spell Card that destroys only a Spell Card (like 'De-Spell') or only a Trap Card (like 'Remove Trap') or could destroy both (like 'Mystical Space Typhoon') or many (like 'Heavy Storm'). [Re: Light of Judgment] If your opponent chains 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to 'Light of Judgment' and destroys 'The Sanctuary in the Sky', the effect of 'Light of Judgment' is still applied. [Re: Macro Cosmos] If 'Mystical Space Typhoon' is chained to 'Macro Cosmos's' activation to destroy it, then you will not Special Summon 'Helios - The Primordial Sun'. Because 'Macro Cosmos' is a Continuous Trap Card, it needs to remain on the field to resolve. [Re: Mazera DeVille] If you Special Summon 'Mazera DeVille', his effect activates, and your opponent chains 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to destroy 'Pandemonium' in a chain, 'Mazera Deville''s effect disappears because his effect needs 'Pandemonium' on the field when the effect resolves, not just when it activates (just like 'The Agent of Judgment - Saturn'). [Re: Metal Reflect Slime] A 'Metal Reflect Slime' equipped with 'Heart of Clear Water' will be destroyed by 'Mystical Space Typhoon'. [Re: Mirage of Nightmare] You may activate 'Mystical Space Typhoon' during your Draw Phase to destroy 'Mirage of Nightmare' before you have to discard during your Standby Phase. If your Draw Phase was skipped for some reason, you can still activate 'Mystical Space Typhoon' to destroy 'Mirage of Nightmare' before activating the effect of 'Mirage of Nightmare' that will force you to discard. (You can activate any number of effects during your own Standby Phase in any order you wish, as long as required effects are dealt with by the time you leave the Standby Phase and enter your Main Phase 1.) [Re: Pandemonium Watchbear] When your 'Pandemonium' is going to be destroyed by 'Mystical Space Typhoon', you can chain 'Ceasefire' to flip your 'Pandemonium Watchbear' face-up, and 'Pandemonium' will not be destroyed. [Re: Pitch-Black Power Stone] If you have 1 Spell Counter left on 'Pitch-Black Power Stone', and your opponent activates 'Mystical Space Typhoon', and you chain the transferring effect of 'Pitch-Black Power Stone' (a Spell Speed 2 effect), first the transfer effect resolves and the Spell Counter is moved, then 'Pitch-Black Power Stone' is immediately destroye
Name: Mystical Space Typhoon
Edition: 1st
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