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Harpie Lady 3 - SD8-EN015 -...

Harpie Lady 3 - SD8-EN015 - Common - Unlimited Edition

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Passcode: 54415063
Set: Structure Deck
ATK/DEF: 1300/1400
Card Number: SD8-EN015
Monster Type: Winged Beast
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Wind
Card Text: This card's name is treated as 'Harpie Lady'. Your opponent's monster that battles with this card cannot declare an attack for your opponent's next 2 turns.
Level: 4
Card Type: Effect Monster
Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. For the effect of 'Harpie Lady 3' count only your opponent's turns. If your opponent's monster attacks 'Harpie Lady 3', then count that turn as the first of the two turns. (So the monster could not attack again that turn, even if it had the ability to attack more than once, and it could not attack on your opponent's next turn either.) If 'Harpie Lady 3' attacks your opponent's monster, then that monster cannot attack for your opponent's next 2 turns. If 'Element Magician' attacks and destroys 'Harpie Lady 3' while there is another WIND monster on the field, 'Element Magician' cannot attack again that turn. If you control 'Harpie Lady 3' and 'Gemini Elf' and your opponent activates 'Change of Heart' to gain control of 'Gemini Elf', then attacks your 'Harpie Lady 3', your 'Gemini Elf' cannot attack for 2 of your opponent's turns, even after it returns to your side of the field. [Re: Chthonian Alliance] Monsters that are treated as having the same name, like 'Cyber Harpie Lady' and 'Harpie Lady 3', both count as 'Harpie Lady' for purposes of 'Chthonian Alliance'. [Re: Divine Wrath] You cannot chain 'Divine Wrath' to Continuous Effects such as: 'Perfect Machine King', 'Raging Flame Sprite' (either effect), 'Jinzo', 'Fire Princess', 'Mad Sword Beast', 'Hayabusa Knight', 'Cat's Ear Tribe', 'Amazoness Swords Woman', 'Harpie Lady 3', 'Fusilier Dragon the Dual-Mode Beast', 'The Fiend Megacyber', 'Blade Knight' (either effect), 'Patrician of Darkness', or monsters like 'Element Saurus' that gain ATK continuously. [Re: Harpie Lady 1] The name of 'Harpie Lady 1', 'Harpie Lady 2', and 'Harpie Lady 3' is treated as 'Harpie Lady' for all purposes, including Deck construction. So you can have 2 copies of 'Harpie Lady 1' in your Deck and 1 copy of 'Harpie Lady 2', but not 2 copies of each because you would have 4 cards in your Deck treated as 'Harpie Lady'. This restriction also applies to your Side Deck, so if you have 3 monsters treated as 'Harpie Lady' in your Deck, you cannot have any in your Side Deck. [Re: Karma Cut] If you target 'Harpie Lady 1' with 'Karma Cut', any 'Harpie Lady', 'Harpie Lady 1', 'Harpie Lady 2', 'Harpie Lady 3', or 'Cyber Harpie Lady' cards in the opponent's Graveyard will also be removed from play. [Re: The League of Uniform Nomenclature] If you target a 'Harpie Lady' on the field equipped with 'Demotion', then you can Special Summon monsters that are treated as having the same name, like 'Cyber Harpie Lady' or 'Harpie Lady 3'.
Name: Harpie Lady 3
Edition: Unlimited
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