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YuGiOh! Poseidra Value Box

YuGiOh! Poseidra Value Box

Lead the kingdom of Atlantis to recaim its ancient glory! The Poseidra Value Box hands you all the tools you need to get started or evolve your current Deck to new levels. Use the included booster packs to further your Deck into the watery depths. With all the forces of the Atlantean army at your command: infantry, archers, cavalry, even a mighty Sea Dragon, how can you lose?


The Poseidra Value Box Contains: 1 Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck, 1 Abyss Rising pack, 1 Return of the Duelist pack, 1 Galactic Overlord pack, 1 Booster pack*, and 1 Oversized Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon Card

* One pack of either Storm of RagnarokExtreme Victory, or Generation Force. Contents may vary.

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