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Clefairy - 63/108 - Holo Ra...

Clefairy - 63/108 - Holo Rare - Reverse Holo

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Set: XY Evolutions
Card Number: 63/108
Rarity: Holo Rare
Illustrator: Ken Sugimori
Retreat Cost:
Weakness: Metal
HP: 40
Stage: Basic
Card Type: Fairy
Resistance: Darkness
Attack #1: C Sing Flip a coin. If heads, your opponent's Active Pokmon is now Asleep.
Attack #2: CCC Metronome Choose 1 of your opponent's Active Pokmon's attacks and use it as this attack.
Attack #3:
Name: Clefairy
Finish: Reverse Holo
Card Text:
Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company
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