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Battle Arena Decks- Mega Blastoise

Mega Evolution Pokémon are ready to heat up the battlefield in the new Pokémon TCG: Battle Arena Decks! These 60-card decks are ready to play right away, with powerful cards and winning strategies worthy of an ace Trainer. Each deck is led by an exceptional Mega Evolution Pokémon-EX and contains 11 foil cards. Let the battle begin! The Mega Charizard X vs Mega Blastoise Battle Arena Decks, each 60-card deck will come with… 1 foil card featuring Mega Charizard-EX or Mega Blastoise-EX 1 foil card featuring Charizard-EX or Blastoise-EX 8 foil basic Energy cards Tournament-level Trainer cards, including Brigette, Lysandre, Ultra Ball, and more! In addition, each box contains: 1 metallic coin 2-player playmat and rulesheet 1 code card to play this deck online 1 deck box • Damage counters 1 Quick Guide to unlock the powerful strategies within

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