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MegaCorp Edition 2 Starter ...

MegaCorp Edition 2 Starter Deck: Illithis, Gnost Prophet

The poor, the disenfranchised, the lost and the damned. Who will provide for the ones who have slipped through the cracks in society?


The vast unenhanced and uneducated human masses are also the poorest; no investments, assets or jobs... only their faith can save them. 


Join Illithis' crusade to fight for a better world for the lowest of the low, armed with insanely powerful psionic events, made even more deadly by the mysterious Magellan cells that reside wholly in the brains of the prophet and her most devout. Their righteous might manifests in metaphysical abilities that put even some of the most advanced cybernetics or gene mods to shame, but can your scruples overcome the cunning of your competition?

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