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Kaijudo: Dragon Master Collection Kit

High quality accessories for Kaijudo™ collectors!
The Dragon Master Collection Kit offers players new ways to display and store their favorite Kaijudo cards. It includes a sturdy, dragon themed deck box with dividers that can hold up to 120 sleeved cards. Also inside is the Dragon Book, an accordion-style portfolio that lets collectors show off their 20 most beloved Kaijudo cards wherever they go.

Debut of two new Super Rare foil dragon cards!
Young Dragon Masters love having powerful dragons to summon into battle, so we've also included two new, Super Rare, foil dragons. TheCollection Kit has three of each (six total foils), the ideal amount forKaijudo deckbuilding. There are also two Rise of the Duel Mastersbooster packs inside to help players build their collections even more.

Kicks off a season of Kaijudo dragon releases!
The Dragon Master Collection Kit will be followed up in March, 2013 by Dragonstrike Infernus™, a new booster release showcasing awe-inspiring dragons from all five Civilizations.

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