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Kaijudo 2-Player "Battle Box"

Kaijudo 2-Player "Battle Box"

Everything needed to introduce two players to Kaijudo™!
The best gaming experiences are ones shared with family and friends. The Kaijudo 2-Player Battle Box is filled with all the cards needed to not only get one person started playing Kaijudo, but also has a second deck for them to share and play with a friend.

Over $30 in value for under $10 MSRP!
Each Battle Box contains the Rocket Storm Competitive Deck($11.99 MSRP), Sonic Blast Competitive Deck ($11.99 MSRP), and two Rise of the Duel Masters booster packs ($3.99 MSRP each). The competitive decks each have a booster inside, making a total of four booster packs and two complete decks for under $10 MSRP.

Great gift package for the Holiday season and beyond!
Having this much value in a single box makes this a perfect product to offer to gift shoppers. The packaging isn’t Holiday specific, so this is also a great gift choice for birthdays and other special occasions.

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