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Quickly find the cards you wish to sell by Searching or Browsing the Buylist Categories section on the top-left to locate the items you want to sell; now just add them to your Sell Cart. (Make sure you are in Buylist Mode!)


Good to know!

*Important* For Magic the Gathering and YuGiOh we are currently only buying English cards. Unless otherwise indicated.

Please have all cards sorted, in order they appear on your buy order. A sorting fee may be applied to your order, if not mailed in order from confirmation email!!!  Remove all Deck Protectors from each card, DO NOT send cards in sleeves!!! If we have to spend time unsleeving cards we will apply a fee for our time it takes to unsleeve the cards.

ALL Store Credit is for singles, booster packs & accessories Store Credit cannot both be used on sealed booster boxes or pre orders.  When using your store credit a Alter Reality Games coupon cannot be used for additional percentage off or store credit cannot be used with a coupon.

The Fine Print...

Please wait for the approval email to arrive.  Most of time we will just approve the order, we could make a minor change if needed. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours please contact us, some buy orders especially larger amount of cards will get block by some spam folders.

If you want a check they will be processed within 7 days with a $3 fee.  NOTE AGAIN, THERE IS A $3 FEE TO RECEIVE A CHECK WHEREAS PAYPAL HAS NO FEE FROM US (paypal will charge you a fee) and there is a chance the check could get lost in the mail and the buyer will be responsible for all the fees associated with the lost check.  We cannot send paypal payments as a gift.  We cannot change the method of payment once it has been selected from Store Credit to Cash or Pay Pal, please select the correct payment method.  Please don't call or email to check on the status before the above time limit has passed.

Buylist submissions that arrive over 7 business days after their approval submission are subject to price changes based on current inventory and new market prices on our current buylist.  Local customers who are selling their cards to us, since you are not mailing your cards they need to be dropped off at the store in 2-3 business days.Pack your items carefully and safely! DO NOT send cards in deck protectors/sleeves, it takes much longer to process your order, please desleeve ALL cards before sending.  We strongly recommend that you insure or track them in case they get lost in transit. We are not responsible for your items until we receive them, regardless of their value. Please be sure to include the following information so that we can send your payment: full name, phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address which should also be your pay pal account, all this information will be on your invoice/receipt. Any orders that do not have this information can be delayed while we try to figure out your information.

Send your sell order to:
Alter Reality Games Buyer
2413 Medina Road
Medina, OH 44256



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